Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do all of your products contain whole grains? 
  • Yes. All Nature’s Harvest products are baked with at least 8g of whole grains per serving. You can find specific whole grain content for each product on our website or on the packaging. 


  • How can I find a store that sells Nature’s Harvest products?
  • To find the nearest store selling Nature’s Harvest products, enter your ZIP Code into the Product Locator box found in the upper right-hand corner of the website or on a specific product page.


  • Are your products Kosher?
  • Our products that are Kosher are designated as such on the packaging.


  • Do you use hydrogenated oil in any of your products?
  • No. All of our products are free of hydrogenated oil and fats. Hydrogenation, a process in which hydrogen is added to oils to make them more solid, is used by many in the baking industry to help make products moist, easier to slice and stay fresh longer. 


  • Are the mono- and diglycerides in your products derived from an animal or vegetable source?
  • Mono- and diglycerides, which have earned GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) status by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, are naturally present in fats and have been used with a high confidence of safety for many years. The mono- and diglycerides we use are vegetable derived and provide the product quality and taste our customers enjoy. 


  • Can I freeze Nature’s Harvest products?
  • All our breads can be frozen. The product should be packaged in plastic bags or freezing paper and, at the very least, all of the air should be squeezed out of the packaging material and the unit tightly sealed so that no air or odors can enter. 


  • Can I purchase via the Web or mail order?
  • Our products cannot be purchased through the Internet. 


  • What is a proof of purchase?
  • A “proof-of-purchase” is another name for Universal Product Code, a bar code (you see them on just about every package you purchase) used for scanning by the check-out person.

  • What is your guidance on allergenic ingredients for highly sensitive consumers?
  • We assure you that we adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices as established by the FDA. We take abundant precaution to prevent cross-contact of allergenic ingredients between batches, and our bakeries are inspected to ensure that they meet or exceed all regulatory and baking industry standards. We understand that highly sensitive consumers need to know when there is even the remotest possibility of inadvertent cross-contact of allergenic ingredients during processing. To that end we disclose that the following allergenic ingredients are used in some of our manufacturing facilities and that inadvertent cross-contact is remotely possible: milk, eggs, soy, almonds, walnuts, peanuts and hazelnuts (filberts). Wheat is used in all of our facilities and all of our products as an ingredient. Please refer to ingredient labels on our products for full disclosure of the ingredients used in that product.

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